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  1. Do ask. Do tell. I do?

    Now that gays & lesbians can officially die for love of country, could we please let them vow “til Death do us part” for love of one another? What do […]

  2. The Warren Report: David Rothmiller & Charlene Srong – For My Wife

    Warren chars with David Rothmiller (Director) and Charlene Strong (Activist) regarding equal rights, imposing a 5th grade understanding of God on the masses, and the importance of making your voice […]

  3. Just say “I do!”

    This week, The Warren Report had the honor of screening Drew Emery‘s INLAWS & OUTLAWS, an emotionally-charged documentary that celebrates the sanctity of love while gently suggesting the sanctity of […]

  4. Quick Cuts (Seattle): TAOS and FOR MY WIFE…

    When a workaholic lawyer sputters off-road, his life quickly veers off-course, and the unexpected diversion may cause him to lose more than just billable hours, he may also lose his […]