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Ask Warren: The Warren Report’s fallback school?

Posted on: Saturday, May 29th, 2010
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Eric Liu & Warren Etheredge

Kim Doyel: Just caught your interview with Eric Liu on Seattle Voices…I want a College of Warren sweatshirt! But that wasn’t all… your little mug popped up in a cameo for Sip & Ship! I thought I was hallucinating. When are you gonna get that 24 hour All Warren All the Time channel deal through?

WARREN: Just working out the details with CNN, Kim. Although I cannot yet report around-the-clock coverage , I am proud to announce that next month will see the launch of my new tv series, The High Bar, on SCANtv. It’s a genre-redefining program — a reverse(!) interview show — on which my irreverent cultural conversations with filmmakers, authors, artists and activists will encourage us all to reconsider our beliefs and challenge our standards… while laughing and getting drunk. Keep an eye on The Warren Report for further details.

And, for those who missed my appearance on Seattle Voices, visit their website and suggest they add it to The Seattle Channel’s video player. Eric Liu is a solid interviewer, a charming individual and the whip-smart (co-) author of several significant books including Imagination First and The True Patriot.

As for College of Warren merchandise, I’m unhappy to report that, currently, supply is meeting demand.    ;  )

Now, dear readers, draw your own conclusions: Is it time for a new, educational forum? Should The Warren Report begin matriculating students? Is it too early for our first kegger?

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